Summer 2016 classes on Glass Lamination

I taught a lot of GL this summer. The first, weekend-long class was at UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY, but despite its short timeframe, everybody turned out fabulous work and really got the laminating bug.

The second class was at Bryn Athyn College, and even though it was all the five days long, there was still not enough time to explore it all. On some days, students were staying at the lab till security guards making rounds at 10 pm asked them to leave the building.

And the third, 5-hour blitz workshop took place at the AGG conference in Chicago. Well, with well-seasoned professionals cranking glass, the tiles were flying out like pancakes! Thanks to the super hot weather on that Monday, we didn’t have any problems with laminating compound curing in time for everybody to catch their flight.


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