What is it?

– 10′ diameter ball that is going through the roof of the PEEC building/environmental installation

– designed by Sasha Zhitneva for Pocono Environmental Education Center (peec.org)

– has a structure engineered and built by Jeff Rosalsky and Jean Vishnev

– made entirely out of recycled bottles and other mostly recycled materials

– brought to life through the efforts and kind help of
Jean Vishnev
Jeff Rosalsky
Linda and Steve Strauchler
Czashka Ross
Michael Trenner
Norman Bloom
Lolly Trenner
Michelle Marone
Lea Marie Della Vecchia
James Aragona

Lindsay Ketterer Gates
Jolie DeFeis
Lisa Sakoutis
Rocco Doto
Lauryn de Leeuw
Russell Huntley
Mason Ritter
James Scott
Katie Nelson
Allison Owczarczak
Nathan Lanan
Allen Johns
Diana Becker
Reenee Casapulla


SCMUA Recycling Center

Hemlock Farms Commnity
Association Recycling Center


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