UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY

After Chagall, Stained Glass in Blue with Sasha Zhitneva

Weekend | 2 Sessions: January 28 — January 29
10:00 – 5:00 pm


From the Chartres Cathedral to Mark Chagall, some of the most magnificent windows have been rendered in shades of deep blue. And what would be a better time to venture into the Realm of Blue than a weekend in winter? In this workshop designed for participants with all levels of expertise, we’re going to look at some breathtaking examples and cover the essential technical steps of putting together a stained glass piece. Those who’ve done it before will focus on design and color selection aspects of the process. And everyone will take home a piece done in majestic blue.


Peters Valley School of Craft


JUNE 16-20

Tuition: $595 (lunch is included)
Studio/Materials Fee: $80


Learn how to work with adhesives to combine the functionality of modern architectural glazing substrates with the tradition of stained glass artistry and take it even further. Participants will learn and practice technical steps of glass lamination, such as a glass fitting and panel assembly, building a dam, mixing and pouring laminating compound and imagery layering. Learn about the character and qualities of light and ways of manipulating those by means of composing a laminated panel. As we explore how to design for a particular desired outcome, we are going to use clear glass properties such as transparency, translucency/opacity, and textural variety as our palette. Blocking, redirecting, reducing or enhancing light; alternating luminosity and vibrancy of it; creating glass panels that work/are visible in both daylight and at night, as well as effective ways of combining glass with various properties in one panel, will be among subjects we are to cover. Participants will create several tiles or a moderate size panel that pertain to those situations and can be later used as reference material.